About Mike McLaughlin



imageMike is an experienced Leadership Consultant, facilitator and coach. He works in several countries worldwide. His background was initially in education, then health management at both a service and governmental level, and he has held senior management positions in both. He has qualifications in amongst other areas, the arts, business, psychotherapy and coaching. In the past he has worked for one of the UK’s largest personal development organisations and also for one of the UK’s largest professional coaching organisations. He specialises in applying psychological strategies to situations which require them, for the good of the individual and the organisation. Amongst others, two of his goals are to assist in the improvement of the psychological health of organisations and to help develop the next generation of leaders.

For the last few years been the Director of his own company and has worked in-house with several organisations, including FTSE 250s and 100s, assisting them in generating a creative, competitive and visionary culture through consultation, coaching, facilitation and mentoring. He has published two academic papers in the area of coaching and leadership.

Mike’s areas of expertise include, peak performance coaching, emotional intelligence, leadership development, communication skills, and the development of a positive organisational culture. He designed and ran the Emotional Intelligence for Leaders course for a FTSE 100 company and has also recently researched and designed a new leadership model.

Apart from continuing to work in-house with various organisations, Mike ran an ‘open’ breakthrough event in North Wales in the Autumn of 2012 , followed up by another in 2013. Due to essentially word of mouth demand, this course is also taking place in 2014 and 2015.